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Thread: SCO v. IBM Part Deux

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    SCO v. IBM Part Deux

    When I wrote my original blog on this case, SCO had just sued IBM, but its legal strategy was puzzling: it started out with its weakest claims and sued its strongest adversary.

    Since that time, it has hired David Boies (defender of Napster and Al Gore) as its lawyer, yet its legal strategy continues to misfire: SCO recently decided not to send out "invoices" to alleged violators of its rights (since it had yet to prove infringement, such invoices are rather premature) and its lawyers just had to apologize to the Utah court for not reading all of IBM's filings...

    Read the full story here

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    Re:SCO v. IBM Part Deux

    Does anyone know when something is actually going to happen in this case? So far all it's been is a bunch of name calling and "I'm gonna beat you up." All talk, no show. When will we get the actual court dates? The anticipation is killing me.

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    Re:SCO v. IBM Part Deux


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    Re:SCO v. IBM Part Deux

    I'd almost bet that SCO will have gone bye-bye by then. If the info about Novell and the real rights are true, SCO's case will never see the light of day.

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