I see this news to be rather irrelevent. People who bought the box sets of RHL didnt get much without either paying for more support as needed or buying a support package.

RHEL is where they focused their support and apparently that hasnt changed at all. All that happens now is that RHL is dropped from their tier of sellable items. It is still debatable whether or not there will be a RHN channel or not, I havent been paying much attention to that. Apparently the yum and apt server admins were willing to roll updates and propogate them that way (make an update channel on a at4rpm or yum server).

I find this to be the natural progression for Red Hat. They are targeting the corporate market and need to cater to their needs. Desktop != Workstation != Server. For most of us, we use linux for all three. Red Hat is focused on the last two , with limited Desktop functionality.

Soon when people walk in to Best Buy and ask for Mandrake, Red Hat, or LindowsOS, Red Hat may re-establish an average consumer line, maybe not. But for the next few years, they needed to

A) Make some serious cuts and some serious financial gains. Ads cost money, and picking on big guys like Sun, Apple, and MS is not cheap either.

B) Make US happy! We still want their free product. It is their best proving grounds and the core to linux's GNU/OSS philosophy.

Once you can get a POS HP/Compaq with Red Hat at Best Buy, Red Hat will reconsider their ways -- not a day sooner.