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Thread: Linux certification

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    Linux certification

    No, Fatal Error is not going to try for Linux Cert.

    My son-in-law is! He has been going to a m$winders school and got ripped off.
    Also, most of the 'tech' jobs in San Diego have been in the Linux arena.

    Where does one take a Linux Cert test? Types of tests?
    Cost? Approx $$$

    Please help this young man, I am hoping he will support me in my old age!

    I do take much of the credit for getting him to look a Linux, he was a dedicated follower of Bill-em G.

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    regardless of your thoughts on RH, the RHCE is absolutely the most sought-after linux cert. The linux+ is also fairly good to have i hear. RHCE == a bit pricy, not sure about the other one.

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    Re: Linux certification


    I figured I had better post something before Mark kicks me off the member's list tonight (I got his email mentioning he was trimming the list of non-posters)...

    I agree, the RHCE is the reigning "king" of Linux certs. However, it IS pricey, and is the main reason I haven't gone after it. Since I'm a self-learner, prepping for it is not nearly as costly as one of the many training facilities (or worse, one of the "boot camps" that pump out weekly paper certs with little or no real hands-on experience), but the actual exams are terribly expensive for my budget.

    The Linux+ is basically entry level, and I found the actual Linux-related stuff presented in the exam relatively easy and common-sensical in nature if you've got a bit of Linux experience under your belt. There was a lot of hardware-related stuff on the exam (perhaps too much for a Linux-titled exam), but considering that CompTIA is most famous for the A+ cert, I wasn't surprised. Current pricing can be found at, but you'll find discount vouchers are popular and might be had to help bring the cost down.

    I thought the LPIC-1 exam, a Jr. level Linux system administration exam, was MUCH more focused on Linux, and tougher in comparison than the Linux+. There are two exams for the cert, and unless you're at a Linux event that LPI is participating in (where they often will give exams at $25/test), the cert will set you back $200 ($100/test).

    Hope this helps!

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