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Thread: SCO introduces 'resume download' feature

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    SCO introduces 'resume download' feature

    In a move likely to antagonize the free software community even further, the SCO Group is to resume distributing Linux, but only if you agree to a new "IP license" which implicitly supports SCO's intellectual property claims.

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    Re:SCO introduces 'resume download' feature

    PLEASE SOMEONE put SCO out of its misery. For heaven's sake. First they offer the offending product for D/L. Then they tell people they better pay them for a product that they haven't even proven they need to pay them for. NOW they are going to REDISTRIBUTE this offending product (with other open source software?) under ITS own IP License!!

    I'll buy they bullet, hell I'll even pull the trigger.

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    Re:SCO introduces 'resume download' feature

    wth are they thinking? does't that revoke the GPL on that ditro?

    BTW - I tried caldera (aka SCO) once.

    it was the only distribution I have ever used that would make me want to use another operating system. it was horrid. bad. nasty..

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    Re:SCO introduces 'resume download' feature

    I kindda see what they doing ....

    They *think* they know Linux stole codes from SCO. So they stole the codes back and let GPL people such as FSF prove that GPL has legal ground to enforce it because their lawyers had no idea how to prove what GPL is.

    To be fair, I liked Caldera's Open Server and Workstation up until 3.0. They really had it going great. Long before Red Hat and the likes realized that Linux has to be separated into two branches ( one emphasizing workstation and one for server since combo would be too large of a code based to include and maintain ), they had it. Really, people who are interested in running servers could care less about bell and whistles of desktop improvements. The tuning of services also had to be different. I believed ( IIRC ) RH followed Caldera's step in creating desktop version ( called professional ) and server version ( called AS ). Caldera was also the first distro who incorporate GUI based tool easier to use ( although they didn't built them ). The downhill starts when they bought SCO.

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