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    Drake PPC

    I thought just for the hell of it I would try Drake 9.1 on the 6500. Install went just about flawless. Once I got up and running, I found out supermount was not supported by the kernel (Good enough for me. Didn't want it anyways). Then I went to setup the ethernet. ifconfig didn't show it. Great.

    # modprobe tulip
    modprobe: no such file or directory
    #modprobe bmac
    modprobe: no such file or directory

    Ok. Time to recompile the kernel. After several tries to get the cdrom (scd0) mounted, it seemed like there was no hope, and still seems that way. How can I tell this thing to use my ethernet adapter?

    It's one added into the Comm II port. I had the same trouble with Yellow Dog, but MacOS does not have any problem using it, so I know it's not bad.

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    Re:Drake PPC

    I'm not exactly sure what the problem is but I have noticed that my ethernet cards are referred to as en instead of eth by Darwin and NetBSD. Maybe they are being called something diffrent than what MDK usually links to?

    Did you wipe off Mac OS or does MDK allow for partition resizing during install on Mac hardware?

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    Re:Drake PPC

    The hardware partitions are still there. AFAIK they are being used by Linux. Giving Debian a try right now. Drake just gave me all sorts of errors due to supermount.

    I'll post once I find a resolution if Debian doesn't do it. Almost seems like a problem with PPC kernels after 2.4.18. ???

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    Re:Drake PPC

    Looks like Debian has yet to fail to disappoint me. Took everything like it was nothing. I still question the kernels, but who knows.

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    Re:Drake PPC

    Well, the damn thing died. Time to get a new NIC, this time PCI. Although I did not accomplish anything other than finding out my Comm NIC is a POC, I did renew the love I have for my first distro. Installing it on the 8600 this time (The one with the good NIC!!!). ;D

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    Re:Drake PPC

    So witch distro are you using now? What seems to break in the kernel and are you using a OSX partition running linux or did you partition with the installer.

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    Re:Drake PPC

    It's an Old World ROM, so it has MacOS 9.1 and Debian. On the 8600, it's working great. The 6500 is the same way. I was wrong about the kernel. The distro must have just done extensive checks on the NICs noticing it was dying. Any suggestions on a PCI NIC? ;D

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    Re:Drake PPC

    Cheap is better :P

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