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Thread: Can I delete these

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    Can I delete these

    Hi guys I just wanted to make sure if it is safe to delete the .rpms in the /var/cache/apt/archives/ ???

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    Re:Can I delete these

    That's where you keep your legacy rpms that you've downloaded. They're used for reinstalling and uninstalling, so if you're not wanting to do either very frequently, it'd probably give you back a crapload of space. Just run an "apt-get clean" and that should do it for you.

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    Re:Can I delete these

    Well you do what I do -- archive your downloads. I just keep them around so I can burn and reinstall or distribute to those without a friend that thee can letch broadband. If you are on broadband or have very easy access to it, vape em and regain your hard disc space.

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