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Thread: Umm Hello?

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    Umm Hello?

    For those of you wondering where I have been here is a recap of my last 6 months of life.

    Government Travel to exotic places such as Hawaii, San Diego, Jordan and Bahrain.

    Left Knee surgery for a torn MCL and other cartilage damage.

    Work, Work and Work

    Bought a new computer upgrade about a month ago, the bad thing is I had to give up my primary Linux box to do so :-\

    Hence the lack of stopping in. All the above coupled with coaching my Grandson's flag football team and playing EverQuest has left me no time for Linux.

    I wish EQ would run under Linux that would just rock the house.

    As for the computer upgrade here is what I got.

    ECS Moboard
    P4 2.66 (566 MHz FSB)
    512 PC-333 DDR Ram
    Geforce 4 with 128 DDR Ram

    So things are flying under Windblows and I would love to see that rock the RH but...

    I will try to come by more often on my laptop (I snuck a copy of RH on there) ;D

    Until then take care,


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    Re:Umm Hello?

    I could of swore Transgaming finished the EQ emulation with WineX. Anyways, welcome back Rastar!

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    Re:Umm Hello?

    Welcome back man!

    WineX does EQ. I know. Hit Transgming's Site.


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