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Thread: how would I do this

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    Re:how would I do this

    Do whichever you want. I just say don't use telnet if it's a remote server out on the net. Telnet passwords can be sniffed easily, and thus causing the server to be comprimised. It really doesn't matter what you use as long as you get a shell, and the service is available.

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    Re:how would I do this

    Ok I think I got some of it but I keep seeing this stuff. I'm not sure what I would do now. Do I make another webpare so that the posted messaged go there ???

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    Re:how would I do this

    That some insane errors there. I noticed that the E-mail is trying to send to an invalid E-mail due to the "/" right before the @. Clear that up, and the remaining errors will be easier to read.

    As for the news, you don't have to really make another webpage, you just have to have the output of the submission go into that file with an "action=newsfile.html" command.

    I'll see if I can't work on this more tomorrow,, whatever. ;D


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