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Thread: Changing Shells in Solaris 9

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    Changing Shells in Solaris 9

    Hey all,

    I have been looking around for a little while on how to change shells in Solaris 9. While it seems like a matter of a command in Linux (chsh) it doesn't quite seem to work that way here at UNCC. Let me also just clarify something here too... I have no SSH access or anything like that when I'm not actually sitting at one of the special labs on campus for unix systems. So this will make diagnosing this issue a little more frustrating/drawn out.

    One question I do have is with the env command. It seems as though this command will list the environment variables but how do I then change these variables? Is there a universal file I (should) have that I can set these variables up in. I quickly went through some .login & .cshrc files the other night and saw no mention of the env variable, but like I said it was a quick glance.

    I do know that I can just type in bash at the command prompt and it will get me to the bash shell... But 1) I want this to be permanent & 2) I don't want to have to type 'exit' twice.


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    Re:Changing Shells in Solaris 9

    vipw might be the way to do it in Solaris 9. It use to be how you change shells back in the day, but it could have changed since then.

    To set a environment value using env you use the following syntax:
    setenv var value
    I'm not sure where Solaris keeps it's setenv declerations.

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    Re:Changing Shells in Solaris 9

    Just edit the /etc/passwd entry :

    shrek:/ > uname -a
    SunOS shrek 5.8 Generic_108528-09 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-4
    shrek:/ > grep root /etc/passwd
    shrek:/ >

    Warning: don't change root's shell on a Sun box.

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    Re:Changing Shells in Solaris 9

    I think the problem is that he isn't root or a super user and he is trying to change shells as a user of the system.

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