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Thread: flash menu for website

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    flash menu for website

    Hi guys how would I create a flash menu ??? I don't know how to create one :-[ I am using screem to create my site and I only know very basic HTML (still learning)

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    Re:flash menu for website

    I don't know about Linux. On Windows, you can download the demo of Macromedia Flash from their website and use it. Is fully functional.

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    Re:flash menu for website

    Can macromedia work with Wine ??? I would look on google but I cant I'm at school and not suppose to use the PC right now

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    Re:flash menu for website

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    Re:flash menu for website

    Check this for some linux alternatives;x=2&y=5

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    Re:flash menu for website

    Ever considered using DHTML instead?

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    Re:flash menu for website

    Trickster thanks for the links i'll check them out when I get home ;D

    MC Whats is DHTML ???

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    Re:flash menu for website

    Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language. I know you have seen a lot of it, but didn't know what it was. It's a mix between CSS, HTML, and crack. Here's an example of DHTML menus. Of course you can do a lot more with it.

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    Re:flash menu for website

    crack? ???

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    Re:flash menu for website

    I'm sorry. Was thinking about when I code DHTML. ;D

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