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Thread: Shockwave/flash in Linux

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    Shockwave/flash in Linux

    Greetings all. I have notice a disturbing quirk while playing flash movies from while using Morphix. The movie starts OK but then after a short time the video and audio loose synch with each other so that the audio lags behind what is being displayed on the screen. Is this normal in Linux or is there some sort of setting that is not configured properly? Homestarrunner fans (that use Linux) want to know. Thanks for any insights you guys can provide.

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    Re:Shockwave/flash in Linux

    I have noticed it too, but I blame it on my crappy computer

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    Re:Shockwave/flash in Linux

    It seems to happen on all systems regardless. I've noticed this happening in any and all flash movies I've watched with Linux/UNIX MM drivers. Just a bad setting in drivers.

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    Re:Shockwave/flash in Linux

    Man. That sucks. If memory serves me right the folks that created the flash drivers don't support the Linux version so likely no luck with this situation.

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    Re:Shockwave/flash in Linux

    Well, the flash drivers are made by MacroMedia for Linux in particular. This only seemed to happen when they released the Flash6 drivers. I really don't remember the problem in Flash5.

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    Re:Shockwave/flash in Linux

    Noted. The next time I fire up Morphix I will see if I can find and load version 5 of the drivers and see what happens.

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