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    Just checking out your site. It is very nice indeed. The content appears to be very relevant to your intended audience and is easy to read and understand. Graphically the site is also very strong. I really like the simple yet elegant look of the sight (and that pengiun graphic is cool too). Keep up the good work.

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    I lokked to that site adn I like it that the tuxflies are so easy that I can understand. I thinked that it is realy helpfully to read the comand line tutorials.

    But i have one question also. You say this in you're page: "1337 h4x0rz, 5cr1p7 k1dd13z". What is this mean? Can you exlaipn it to me? But I) do not think I am one. Why they should not visit you're site?

    Hei you are from Finland! We are neigh borus because I am from Sweden. It is a relay small world but you're english is gooder than my but I try to learn.

    Det är jättekul att träffas! Talar du svenska också?

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    As I understand it Finland is bi-lingual - so there's mandatory lessons in both Finnish and Swedish in grade and high school.

    Anyways, Tuxfiles is a prime source of entertainment, I like the antihelp section and the XHTML code comments :P

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