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Thread: Linux 2.6 Scales Best

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    Linux 2.6 Scales Best

    In a test between Linux 2.6 (2.6.0-test7), Linux 2.4, FreeBSD-5.1 (CURRENT) , NetBSD-1.6.1 (RELEASE), and OpenBSD-2.4 (CURRENT/PRE), Linux 2.6 won with it's O(1) scalibility. "Linux 2.6 scales O(1) in all benchmarks. Words fail me on how impressive this is. If you are using Linux 2.4 right now, switch to Linux 2.6 now!"

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    Re:Linux 2.6 Scales Best

    For fairness to OpenBSD checkout for explination and possible testing problems.

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    Re:Linux 2.6 Scales Best

    I dont get why they even included OpenBSD in there. Linux and FreeBSD are the only 2 that I would have included. I mean, as noted on the page, Open doesnt do SMP.

    The article was very ... oddly implemented.


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