First off, this is my first post in quite a while, some of you may remember me, others may not, but I haven't really been around since the beginning of the summer. (Work/School take up too much time). Anywho, I've been busy, and sadly haven't really had time for linux much lately, I've gotten stuck in the windows rut simply because I was too lazy to finish installing gentoo. (had some troubles with my KT400 drivers and the 2.6 kernel not being too nice to me) so anywho, long story short, i don't have a (working) linux partition right now.

So, today I was cruising the net and stumbled upon the SuSE Live CD, I figured, hey, what can go wrong with this? It doesn't even need to install, so I downloaded it for shits and giggles and booted up from it. Now I'm posting this from SuSE quite gleefully, remembering why I liked linux so much. Now I really don't have time for a hardcore distro like gentoo at the moment, but I do believe that SuSE is going to make it on my hard drive. I may wait for a week before I install, as I have 5 mid-terms in the next week and will be fairly busy, but this distro WILL get on my hard drive. I am very impressed with SuSE right now, this is my first time ever using SuSE and wow, what can I say other than wow. It's pretty sweet.

And I'm basically what I'm saying is, the SuSE Live CD has just drawn me back to the beautiful penguin, thank you SuSE!