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Thread: Cant watch straming videos

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    Cant watch straming videos

    Hey guys I cant watch and music videos more specificly this one

    I have tried with Xine and MPlayer I get this in Xine it says it cant load it (something like that)


    I get sound but no video
    > > :-[ :-[

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    Re:Cant watch straming videos

    It's working here with the Mplayer Plug-in with Firebird. Might give it a shot.

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    Re:Cant watch straming videos

    ok I got that but now it gets really weird. When I use the rpm (apt) It doesnt work but I get sound. when I use the source I get video but no sound ??? ???

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    Re:Cant watch straming videos

    What desktop environment, sound driver set in Mplayer, and video setting in MPlayer? Did you try anything different and get any results to troubleshoot on?

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    Re:Cant watch straming videos

    It works just fine with xine ;D I don;t know what settings mplayer is using I never checked because it worked just fine.

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