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Thread: Clutch Out?

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    Re:Clutch Out?

    My rule of thumb is never take chances with the brakes or the trans, always just get them fixed right the first time or else it will cost twice as much in the long run.

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    Re:Clutch Out?

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    Tyr_7BE - $350 on parts? Damm, the new clutch, pressure plate and TO bearing for my '65 Porsche was cheaper... did the labor myself (that woulda cost me $700 right there)... pulling the engine to do it is a bitch tho.

    I was the clutch, among other things. I can't give an estimate on the exact price of the clutch cause I can't remember. This was done after leaving the poor thing outside all winter and then in the spring just starting it up and driving it around. Ooh bad idea...

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    Re:Clutch Out?

    Some years ago, when I was younger (and everything syill worked), I had a 1971 Ford Custom 500; this is the same size as an LTD, it's just a "lower line" model; well, it was "lower line" alright; it had a 3-speed MANUAL transmission, NO power steering, NO power brakes, basically NOTHING in the way of options (it DID have carpeting; if it hadn't, it would have been just a Custom read: Taxi). I loved the car; I'm 6'5" tall, and I could climb into the engine compartment to work on the engine; there was enough room in the trunk to hold a dance, and I got close to 30 MPG (it was a 240 CU. IN. inline 6 cylinder). It had enough power to drive up Whiteface mountain in the Adirondacks in third gear; just a great car.
    Anyway, it had been owned by the proverbial "Little Old Lady"; she was old alright; too old to take her foot off the clutch pedal, appearently. I had the car about 3 months, and as I shifted from first to second one day, the entire clutch disc DISINTIGRATED!! Absolutely NO power was getting to the rear wheels, and I was in the middle of an intersection; anyway, after risking life and limb, I got the car to a garage that a friend owned; he took the clutch inspection cover off and all this dusty crap fell out, along with a bunch of peices of clutch facing; then he said it looked like I needed a new clutch (kind of belaboring the obvious), so he called for parts; guess what? 1971 was the last year that a manual transmission was used in a full-sized Ford (I think they built about six of them), also, 1971 was the last year for the style clutch my car had (it was called a "Long" clutch; it had a cast pressure plate assembly and it didn't interchange with later style clutches!) After about a week, Fords parts system found a new-old-stock clutch assembly at a dealership in Bozeman, Montana; it was the only one they could find in the whole damned country! I had it shipped to my buddies garage (in upstate New York!), and he installed it; the whole heart-breaking episode ended up costng me about $650, but that car was worth it; I drove it another 5 years with no trouble whatsoever, but that clutch episode was a serious pain in the ass. ;D

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    Re:Clutch Out?

    Geee ... that car is older than me ....


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