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Thread: Difference between .src.rpm & .tar.gz packages

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    Difference between .src.rpm & .tar.gz packages

    I know what are .rpm packages (they are precompiled for specific kernel and architechture) but i don't know the difference between the - .src.rpm & .tar.gz packages and how to use them. please anybody explain me thoroughly. thanks.

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    Re:Difference between .src.rpm & .tar.gz packages

    hey the .src.rpm is a source rpm which I cant really explain but maybe someone here can.

    a .tar.gz file is a archived file(s) like WinZip. to extract it you just type "tar -xzvf <filename>.tar.gz usually if it is a program you need to compile it. like so.

    make install
    make clean <--optional

    hope this helps ;D

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    Re:Difference between .src.rpm & .tar.gz packages

    A tar.gz package is (usually) the uncompiled source code for the application. You need to follow the instructions for that specific package, in order to install it.

    A src.rpm file is also uncompiled source, but it will, usually, build an rpm package for you, instead of just installing the application. This is useful because it allows you to remove the application easily in case you ever wanted to.

    To build an rpm package from a src.rpm, try

    rpmbuild --rebuild nameofpackage.src.rpm

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    Re:Difference between .src.rpm & .tar.gz packages

    the src.rpm also puts a tar.gz in /usr/src/<distro>/SOURCE and the spec in /usr/src/<distro>/SPECS/

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    Re:Difference between .src.rpm & .tar.gz packages

    thanks to mojo jojo, trickster & pbharris to explain me this clearly.

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