I'm getting these errors with Wine. I just installed Wine. Here is my output. If i did something wrong please let me know.

[dsanta@localhost dsanta]$ cd /mnt/cdrom
[dsanta@localhost cdrom]$ ls
Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 PowerVCR II 3.0
Alcohol 120% Rolling Stones - Forty Licks Disk 1
Connectix Virtual PC v5 Rolling Stones - Forty Licks Disk 2
Countng on Democracy Soundforge 6dBld219
Divx Pro 5.02 System Mechanic 3.7h
Folder Hide Text Aloud MP3 v1.403
ham-win2kxpv4472 TMPGEnc 2.59
ham-win9xv4472 Trial of Henry Kissinger
kazaaparticipationhack110.exe Tweak-XP Pro 2.04
KX Project vbrun60sp5.exe
lame_392.zip VC050-Webcam Driver
mirascan_v3424p.exe Video Capturix
Morpheus-182.exe WincamXPv0.98
mozilla-win32-1.1-installer.exe WinXP_Corp_SP1_Survival_Kit
Nero559.14&17 Setup WinXP Inside Out
Optimize XP for Audio XP Powertoolkit
[dsanta@localhost cdrom]$ wine Morpheus-182.exe
wine: error while loading shared libraries: libntdll.dll.so: cannot open shared
object file: No such file or directory
[dsanta@localhost cdrom]$