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Thread: Vacation

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    Well Peeps,
    Its almost time for me to embark upon my (finally) vacation. I will be in Disneyworld for the next week. I will let you guys know how much I enjoyed myself when we get back.

    10ded ;D

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    I thought every day was a vacation to a deskjockey such as yourself. Personnally, I thought the DISNEY thing was overpriced and overrated.

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    Mountainman - I am sure it is but when I finally get to drag my kiddies there I hope it will be worth every cent.

    have fun 10ded!

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    [me=Aiko]mumbles curses... [/me]

    Have a nice trip !

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    Have a good trip, 10ded!! Remember, lotsa pictures. :^)

    I agree that Disney world is a bit overrated since I wasn't so easily impressed when I went. But then again nothing is as impessive as it could be when you're stuck with your school. :-X

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    Ohhh and you get vacation ....

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    Im Back!!!!


    Well, To any and all who responded, I had a blast. My Daughter, Ashlea, got to do most of the stuff that she wanted, I got to see the Star Tours star wars ride in MGM and I got a metric butt ton of pix. I may post some of them on a seperate site, not sure yet. I hope that my pix of the Headless Horseman come out!!!!

    Thanx all,
    10ded :P

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    How about posting some ;D

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    10ded will prob post some when he gets home. The butt dart went on vacation for a week, and then gets to come home and go to cisco school for a week. :

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    I dont have a web host to post the pix to. Anyone wont to provide some space for a smile?


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