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Thread: How do i mount a Windows partition under RHL??

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    Re:How do i mount a Windows partition under RHL??

    Never mind i got it. And now hopefully he replies back.

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    Re:How do i mount a Windows partition under RHL??

    [quote author=trickster link=board=2;threadid=7915;start=0#msg72349 date=1065814752]

    Besides the tech documents at Red Hat, we have very good documentation here, written in such a way as to make it easy to understand.

    However, in order for someone to take advantage of those, they actually have to try. All the times we have suggested using them, they have been ignored.

    First off for your first paragraph, yes and no. Red Hat is geared for Red Hat Linux. We have generalized docs for ALL distros.

    And for Aiko's/LC's comment ... yean't. This is the classic example of the casual user. He flat out is NOT used to the way Linux works, and given a month of a working system would be liable to the types of comments made.

    When dealing with Derek over AIM, I have had total cooperation and compliance with my commands. And you know what I found out? His Red Hat 8 is a crappy book version that doesnt include what is needed.

    Now that he has what is needed we just need to assist what is needed to get him fully functional with the base distro. Once he can get that, he can start using the book to help him out, and our assistance.

    We have two things to keep in mind :

    1) Not in the slightest bit a Linux/UNIX* guy. We need to change that.

    2) Learning disabled.

    With that against us, I am suprised that any one else has made this comment. Any sysadmin should see this (or tech support).

    I realize that most people cannot handle the type of hand holding, but ... come on...

    I got so far with him, and with LITTLE effort

    But again, not everyone is a teacher. So if you cannot help... dont. State your 2 cents and that is that. This is a message board, and that is what we are here for : Help when we can give.

    Again, I am not here to berate. When I want to insult -- you will know.


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    Re:How do i mount a Windows partition under RHL??


    I find it quite perplexing that you think people haven't held his hand or tried to help him. He tried for a year to get his modem to work on different forums, and when he came here, I held his hand for more than a month, going out of my way to make it work.

    I took pictures of my boot screens just to show him that he was overlooking stuff (which he adamantly said was not there, even though I was seeing it.)

    I do not mind helping him. I mind being a crutch.

    On this post, for example, he is trying to mount his Windows partitions.
    We have an excellent PET on this. Actually, it was what resolved my problem when I was learning how to do it (what brought me to LJR.)
    Now, I understand that, instead of saying "I read the PET, I don't understand it, he can say "I read the PET, this is what I don't understand: How can I find out where my Windows partition is?" or "What do all the words I am typing on the fstab mean?" and such.

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    Re:How do i mount a Windows partition under RHL??

    If we may get back on track...dsantissimo, you claim that you didn't put Windows on /dev/hda1. If that's not the case, then what did you put windows on? If you know this information, try this. Make a directory called /windows with the command "mkdir /windows" (this must be done as root). For the next step I'll assume windows is on /dev/hda2. As root, type "mount /dev/hda2 /windows". This will mount /dev/hda2 under the /windows directory. Check and see if it is indeed your windows partition. If it is, please reply back and I'll tell you how to go about getting read/write permissions (it may be read-only at the moment). If it is not your windows partition, type "umount /windows" (this will unmount the partition mounted at /windows), and try the "mount" command I mentioned before, but replace /dev/hda2 with /dev/hda1, /dev/hda3, and generally go through numbers you haven't tried. Remember to unmount a drive with "umount" before you mount another one at the same place. Give that a try and tell us if you get Windows mounted on /windows. As soon as that's done, it's really easy to get read/write (but one step at a time).

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    Re:How do i mount a Windows partition under RHL??

    ok before i start. How can i tell where is my Windows?? Like what hda is it on?? I trying to get as much info for this so i could start. Please reply back. Thanks.

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    Re:How do i mount a Windows partition under RHL??

    As root, from a console, type fdisk /dev/hda. Be careful to follow the instructions, because this is a dangerous command.
    On the fdisk screen, type p This will show you all your partitions, and their file system. Write it all down. then, type q to exit fdisk.

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    Re:How do i mount a Windows partition under RHL??

    ok. My Windows XP is on /dev/hda5. I did this and i got output for you.

    mkdir /windows
    worked fine.

    mount /dev/hda5
    and this is what i got. mount: can't find /dev/hda5 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab

    Please reply back. Thanks guys.

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    Re:How do i mount a Windows partition under RHL??

    Hi Derek, this gets a bit complicated, so I will try to break ti down:

    You are getting that error because you don't have that mountpoint defined in your fstab.

    There are 2 ways of mounting a partition:

    A) to do it manually

    b) to do it automatically

    When you do it manually, you have to issue the whole command. Whenever you reboot, you will have to issue the command again.

    The command, to do it manually, is mount -t vfat /dev/hda5 /mnt/windows.
    Basically, mount is the commant to mount it. Vfat is the way linux refers to Fat32. /dev/hda5 is where your partition physically is. /Windows is the folder you will use to access it.

    So, when you issue the command mount -t vfat /dev/hda5 /mnt/windows, you are telling your computer

    "let me access hda5 (Windows partition) through the folder /Windows. The filesystem is fat32"


    All partitions defined in /etc/fstab will be mounted automaticaly, or at least be available at any moment to be mount easily.
    This is what PBHarris PEt refers to. You should read it a couple of times to get familiarized with it.

    Basically, to have your Windows partition mount automatically at boot time, and be available to your regular user, you would add the following line to your /etc/fstab:

    /dev/hda5 /shared vfat defaults,users,rw,umask=002,gid=100 0 0

    Again, I encourage you to read PBHarris' PET again, since it is very useful.

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    Re:How do i mount a Windows partition under RHL??

    sure i read it again since now i know where my Windows is at. I tried to do it manually and this is the command i tried.

    mount -t vfat /dev/hda5 /mnt/windows
    this is what i got.

    mount: mount point /mnt/windows does not exist

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    Re:How do i mount a Windows partition under RHL??

    make the directory in /mnt by typing "mkdir /mnt/windows" as root.

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