My question is a few lines down!

Right now I'm running Linux RH 9 on a celeron 300/128 MB.

eth0 is my outside NIC and is being configured by the DHCP of my ISP. ( I'm not sure what the protocol is but they make me part of their network. I don't think they setup a VPN like and avarage DSL line

eth1 has a fixed IP ( and needs to be configured as my gateway for my LAN.

turtlefirewall (webmin module)
squid proxy (webmin module)

As far as I can check my proxy is working. (I tied my linux box to my window$ gateway and it worked.)

My firewall is granting me acces through my window$ client ( , with whom i can connect to my linux gateway. I can connect to webmin using my browser and I can do a remote login with putty to setup a SSH connection.

So here is my question...

How do I get my connection going with my ISP. I know I need to set up a NAT rule, I tried a few things but did'nt work so far. I know I have to NAT all outgoing traffic. I want that my lan uses (eth1) as gateway. Ofcourse I want to connect to the outside with eth0. How do I get those two NIC to communicate with each other? Need more info, let me know!