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Thread: rave/trace music

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    rave/trace music

    I was just pondering if anyone here like rave/trance music ??? ??? If not what do you like to listen to ???

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    Re:rave/trace music

    Country ;D

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    Re:rave/trace music

    [quote author=gmoreno link=board=14;threadid=7802;start=0#msg71291 date=1064454295]
    Country ;D
    Yup, plus hip-hop, rock (hard, heavy, psychodelic, etc), gospel, blues, jazz, classical, latin, etc. Don't like rave music too much, but it has it's place.


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    Re:rave/trace music

    Shania Twain is nice ;D

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    Re:rave/trace music

    I dig all music, from reggae to death metal to trance

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    Re:rave/trace music

    Punk (real Punk, no junkie boy band wanna be stuff), Hardcore, Emo, Psychobilly, (Death) Metal, Indie, Two Tone, etc ...

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    Re:rave/trace music


    trance, hip-hop, metal, anything but, Country.

    check out

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    Re:rave/trace music

    anything but country, lately Ive set aside my jazzy ways and Ive been listening to the likes of Limp Bizkit (just got the new record today), and Linkin Park

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    Re:rave/trace music

    Well I like everything mostly country

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    Re:rave/trace music

    I listen to trance and goa nearly every day - it's great coding music.

    But I love nearly all sorts of music and right now I have "Swan Lee" and "Dizzy Mizz Lizzy" in heavy rotation... and no country is not music, it's a form of torture, as is most rap and hip hop...

    Commercialised pop music is even worse.

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