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Thread: CD Cpyright Protection already broken

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    CD Cpyright Protection already broken

    I thought this was kinda funny. Why dont they just give ???

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    Re:CD Cpyright Protection already broken

    Both companies said they had known about it before releasing the CD, and that they still believed the protection would deter most average listeners' copying.
    intended to thwart the casual listener from mass burning and uploading
    Here's the big mistake. The casual listener isn't a big problem - alright, he might copy the CD for a couple of friends, but most likely the casual listener will NOT do any "mass burning and uploading."

    The people who actually DO this "mass burning and uploading" are not any casual listeners, and they can easily do it despite of copy protection.

    The conclusion? The average Joe, whose copying is pretty harmless, will get really pissed off, and the people who really do harmful mass uploading don't have any trouble with copy protected CDs.

    I just don't understand why these companies waste their time and money with useless techniques that don't actually prevent the big bad pirates from doing their stuff.

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    Re:CD Cpyright Protection already broken

    I can't see sharing a little music as a big problem - I see sharing of music as an easy way to get a preview of an album.

    If I like the album I'll buy it - sadly with the lastest copy protection schemes and RIAA attacks on p2p networks I've decided to stop buying CDs completely so no more downloading music for me - don't want to get tempted. I'll listen to netradio instead... hey what do you want me to use 1024/256 ADSL for... praticing my mad chess skills?

    I simply can't accept that the record companies won't let me listen to my cds anymore - I use my DVD player as a cdplayer or I rip the CDs for my mp3 player (both fair use thank you very much).. both these options have been taken from me, how do they expect me to play my music now... hum it myself?

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    Re:CD Cpyright Protection already broken

    I think its a lotta fuss over a little problem...

    I agree with NGene's point.

    This article was brought to my attention. It really kinda scared me because I think its sad... not what is going on in the courts but what's been going on with publishers for so long.

    "Also, copyright began, not when the work was listed with the Library of Congress, but rather from the moment of creation."

    Yah! Glad to know things like my sketchbook creations and poetry are kinda protected...

    "A lot of publishers began routinely requiring writers to sign contracts that declared that what they wrote was a "work for hire," so that the authors wouldn't own any part of their own work."

    Eep! I don't like that. Being someone who hopes to one day have a book on the shelves of Barnes and Noble or Borders this was startling. Made my stomach churn a little. Its mostly towards, I believe, music artists though and the record companies. Its still very sad though I think...

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