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Thread: SSH port forwarding

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    SSH port forwarding

    So I got my ETH up. (thanx!) Since I'm so darn busy at work I thought I could do a little reconisace and installing on my Linux box (which is at home) So I thought I'd set up a remote login.
    Here's the situation. My Linux box is behind a window$ firewall (Yes that's why I'm trying to setup a linux box) and on that Window$ firewall system I've made a forward:

    My outside: port 2300 is being forwarded to port 23 of my linux box. protocol= TCP

    But when I try to log in the operation times-out! (at least my firewal is working ahaha)

    Is forwarding allowed with a ssh tunnel?
    What protocol should I forward.


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    Re:SSH port forwarding

    Do you have your sshd running on port 23? The standard ssh port is 22 and 23 is usually used by telnet.

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    Re:SSH port forwarding

    I thought there was something... let me gues.. Ahhh Monday! Let me try that port 22! Thnx Demian :

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    Re:SSH port forwarding

    I can't get it to work, must be something in Kerio Winroute Pro. I'll just do it at home then. Thanx.

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    Re:SSH port forwarding

    Hey for remote desktops, TightVNC or TridiaVNC is the best solution. Not only cross platform, but fast too.

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