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Thread: Online Banking

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    Re:Online Banking

    Well, I have about 20K in debts, my acct number is ....

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    Re:Online Banking

    I like my bank ;D

    We hicks in Montana 8)

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    Re:Online Banking

    [quote author=flashingcurser link=board=5;threadid=7885;start=0#msg72715 date=1066322680]
    I like my bank ;D

    We hicks in Montana 8)


    Bravo! is using AIX, which I suppose is tried tested and true, so good for them.

    Yeah I'd definitely be concerned, especially with the recent critical issues that have come up lately. It's quite possible to completely take over a system if the messenger service is enabled.

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    Re:Online Banking

    Now don't forget that what you see on netcraft is just the server that provides the user interface for the bank's customers. The database is very likely sitting on other, totally different servers. Those database servers are the ones that you really need to be concerend about, not really the user interface server.
    However, your bank is FDIC insured, so you won't loose your money in case the bank's database gets compromised. But they also have the highest level of disaster recovery capabilities for that case.

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    Re:Online Banking

    Just because something runs windows doesn't make it insecure, and just because something runs linux doesn't make it secure.

    If they're quick with updates they're probably okay regardless of which they're running. If they're slow with updates, it's exploitable regardless. I know I'm not being linux zealoty enough, but the general assumption that MS can't be secure and Linux always is I think will lead Linux into an area where it's very easily exploited due to over-confidence.

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    Re:Online Banking

    I sort of agree with vvx , but cam't still get rid of VERY BAD taste in my mouth when I hear that some critical systems run Windows, just doesn't work for me :
    Kudos to , they look OK, actually they run exactly the same setup as, so it looks like Canada's major banks are pretty much agree on what the secure platform is :-)
    P.S.,, and run Solaris/Netscape Web Server combo....buttom line....non of the major canadian banks run Windows in that department. I guess that's a good reason to be 'proud canadian', eh?

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