Hi Linux Geeks,

Have another error, hope you can help me, AGAIN?!

I'm having trouble with installing AMAVIS on my sendmail when installing CPAN modules with requires me to access their ftp site.

Then, I found out that I had error with resolving internet names. I can resolve from this server lately before I had this error.

the error appears everytime I "ping internet names" having an error:

unknown host

I can ping any public or private ip's. Can even resolve internet names. (My server also was a Caching DNS)

I am using RH9.0 with 2.4.22 kernel.

Here's my configs:

/etc/hosts localhost.localdomain localhost ns1.alsterph.com ns1 proxy ns2.alsterph.com ns2

search alsterph.com

There was no firewall set on this machine and therefore nothing would possibly retrict it from pinging other computer (and lately was able to ping other pc). Also my gateway allows icmp_echo_request.

What could be the problem? Any suggestions?