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Thread: Laptop Password

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    Laptop Password

    A friend of mine say she recently got a laptop but it is password protected at the BIOS level, I guess. She suppose to bring it over to my apt. this morning.

    What is the best way to get the password cleared if it's in the BIOS? If it's password protected when Windows boot up, how can I clear it out?

    If you need more info, I should get the laptop in the morning and can give more details about it when I receive it.


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    Re:Laptop Password

    If it's a bios password taking out the CMOS battery should reset it to defaults (ie no password). If it's a windows password then reinstalling sounds like a good idea. I hear there are password crackers for windows out there but since your friend seems to have bought this thing second hand isn't a re-install what you want to do anyways?

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    Re:Laptop Password

    To change the Windows password, use this:

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    Re:Laptop Password

    Thnx for the replies. It seems that it is an IBM Thinkpad 755c model and it is locked at the BIOS.

    Is it hard to get to the cmos battery? Where will I find it? Will it be hard to do or easy?

    Any helpful hints on getting to the cmos battery?

    Thnx again.

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    Re:Laptop Password

    Check These links:






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    Re:Laptop Password

    Thnx for the good links, Trickster. It looks like not much I can do about it. She will have to either take it back and get her money back or pay a shop to fix it.

    I'm pretty good at working on desktop/tower systems but never open a laptop case other then installing memory and looking at the hard drive.

    Thnx again.

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    Re:Laptop Password

    You may want to check with the manufacturer. If I read your initial post correctly, it was purchased used? The bios being pw protected is usually a flag that the machine might be stolen. The manufacturer would most likely have some record of, as well as tools to help you clear that password if it's legit.

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    Re:Laptop Password

    how is a bios password a flag that a machine is stolen?

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    Re:Laptop Password

    A legit seller would rarely, if ever, sell a laptop that was locked at the bios.

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    Re:Laptop Password

    This one supposely came from a Goodwill store and it was BIOS password protected.

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