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Thread: Novell launches pro-Linux counteroffensive against MS

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    Novell launches pro-Linux counteroffensive against MS

    By John Leyden
    Published Friday 5th November 2004 19:39 GMT

    Novell has responded to Microsoft's attempts to portray Windows as a safer proposition than Linux in the enterprise with a counteroffensive of its own. In response to Microsoft's 'Get the Facts' campaign, Novell has launched a site designed to "unbending the truth" about Linux.

    The move comes after Microsoft chief exec Steve Ballmer sent out a memo to customers suggesting that Linux might be more expensive and less secure than commonly portrayed. He also said that Linux customers risked possible intellectual property lawsuits. As throughout the year-long 'Get the Facts' campaign, Ballmer used third party analyst reports to bolster Microsoft's arguments.

    Up until now, Novell has been content to stress the virtues of its technology in mixed Linux and Windows environments, attempting to stay above the fray by essentially ignoring Microsoft's campaign. No more. IDG reports that Novell chief exec Jack Messman is drafting a memo that seeks to debunk Ballmer's latest missive. Novell is criticising Microsoft for selectively quoting passages from analyst reports favourable to the software giant's case. Analysts say that Novell is doing much the same thing. Users ought to read their reports rather than listening to the spin or counterspin from rival vendors, they advise.

    As with many marketing battles the set-to is generating more heat than light. One important point - the timing of Novell's counteroffensive - has largely gone unnoticed. Yesterday Novell's vice-chairman Chris Stone unexpectedly left the company to pursue "other opportunities". Stone was a key player in Novell's Linux strategy and its tempting to see the timing - if not the substance - of Novell's counteroffensive as designed to divert attention away from his departure.

    From The Register

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    I read the story when it broke on slashdot, the actual artical is quite a good read, regardless of wether or not its purpose was to make other things at novell.

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