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Thread: mozplugger on slack 9.1

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    mozplugger on slack 9.1

    I just installed mozplugger 4.0 on slackware 9.1.
    make install
    It shows up and works great as root but as normal user it does not even show up. I've tried to change permissions etc. no luck. maybe it is not in my path or? anyone have a clue ?

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    Re:mozplugger on slack 9.1


    If you call it from the command line, does it work?

    Otherwise, you need to add the path to the program to /etc/profile. Open it with a text editor, and add the path to the section that has all other paths.

    After that, either log off and log on again, or do a source /etc/profile


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    Re:mozplugger on slack 9.1

    Trickster could you please give me an example of the format that iI need to add

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    Re:mozplugger on slack 9.1


    Use pico or your favorite text editor to open /etc/profile.

    Look for this line:

    # Set the default system $PATH:

    Then, add the path to the line. For example, If I had installed mozplugger to /usr/local/share, I'd do this:

    # Set the default system $PATH:

    Hope that helps.

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    Re:mozplugger on slack 9.1

    Trickster Thanks for your help. Maybe I didn't provide enough information. I unpacked mozpluger.tar.gz in my home dir then I did
    make install
    both as root
    I think thats why only root has permission / access
    it made a usr/lib/mozilla/plugins
    that is where the is.
    then I copied that to
    and it works as root only
    there is also a /usr/bin/mozplugger
    maybe I should have ln -s instead of copying
    Any help ?

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    Re:mozplugger on slack 9.1

    Try this, taken out of their README file:

    To install in your own directory: (for netscape)
    cp ~/.netscape/plugins/
    cp mozpluggerrc ~/.netscape/mozpluggerrc
    cp mozplugger ~/.netscape/

    You might want to replace "netscape" for "mozilla", if that is your default browser.

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    Re:mozplugger on slack 9.1

    Thanks trickster I had tried that but no luck
    I did however start over this time ran make as user and makeinstall as root now I can see the plugin. As root all extensions work as user
    only some I`m getting closer
    Thank for your help

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    Re:mozplugger on slack 9.1

    I just installed mozplugger, and it worked right away.

    This is what I did (everything as a regular user. You might want to remove what you did as root, to get rid of any rights issues:

    I. Download the source from here
    2. Untar it as a regular user. tar -zxvf mozplugger-1.3.2.tar.gz
    3. cd to the mozplugger-1.3.2 directory, and run make
    4. Copy mozplugger and mozpluggerrc to ~/.mozilla, and to ~/.mozilla/plugins
    5. Restart the browser.

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    Re:mozplugger on slack 9.1

    Worked just as you said

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    Re:mozplugger on slack 9.1

    You're welcome.

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