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Thread: Whats Your job?

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    Whats Your job?

    Hey Peeps and Peepettes (?),
    What do you do to pass those couple of boring hours between 8 and 5 during the day known as work? R u the 3v1l l33t haxor?Or are you the white hat defender of humanity trying desperately to stem the tides of communism on Americas or /insert country name here/. Let us know....


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    Re:Whats Your job?

    I worked for a couple of months at the local HS district doing *nix sys admin and network stuff (and some programming). I quit though so I could take off to Africa for about a month. Now I'm looking for a job.

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    Re:Whats Your job?

    I work in educational technology, doing training and handholding for teachers who have completely online classes. I also get to do some networking, programming, web design, troubleshooting, and tech support. Best part of the job is "researching new technologies with educational applications or potential uses".

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    Re:Whats Your job?

    I waste my time (read as: work) during the day as a mild mannered metallurgist. I bend the atoms of iron, nickel and cobalt to do my will regarding magnetism. I'm basically Magneto, just without the really cool powers.

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    Re:Whats Your job?

    Rock on!!! Good response so far....
    I spend most of my daylight hours (and some dark ones) doing field support for various submarine sonar systems. The majority of which are J5600 workstations, VME, SMP, and 2u/3u servers. Running HPUX and Redhad 7.3. Plus I also get to do ethernet, fiber, ATM, and soon Gig-E troubleshooting as well.

    10ded 8)

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    Re:Whats Your job?

    this summer i worked as a ramp agent for ATA putting luggage on the planes and bring/take them out, got to fly free anywhere i wanted, but i only made it to LA nad New York, new york was god damn awesome. I probably wont work there again until christmas break or next summer, since its a 2 hour commute from my school. so here at school im the stupid lil lab assistant.

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    Re:Whats Your job?

    Downtrod not thy lab assistant, for he verily knows how things well and truly are accomplished!!!!

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    Re:Whats Your job?

    he puts firebird and gaim on all the computers and boots his lab assisttant computer into knoppix he does

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    Re:Whats Your job?

    I'm a Net. Ops. Specialist (Nettwork Admin) for a local goverment agency.

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    Re:Whats Your job?

    I wake up at 11am and roll back to bed until 2pm.

    I then play with myself till 4pm. It doesnt work like it had in the past ...

    I then eat.

    At around 5pm I goto the local bar and drink myself stupid.

    At 2am, the bar closes and kicks me out.

    At 2:45 am I actually leave and goto George Webbs and eat some food.

    At 4:30 I arrive at home and finally get to sleep.

    Oh, was this thread for full time epmployed peeps ... oh. Forget it then ;D

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