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Thread: I forgot to tell everyone here

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    I forgot to tell everyone here

    Hey everyone,

    I actually got an interview for a computer-type job!! I had my interview tuesday morning. It was about a 2 hour thing. I met with two people, one which would be MY boss then her boss. That took about an hour, then I did this, what seemed to be, simple filter thing on an Excel spread sheet. And then that was it. Thankfully I shoud hear something from them early next week. If it was any longer I think I would have an ulser after this was over. Heart burn first thing the morning at the age of 24 probably isn't a good sign!

    Keep some fingers crossed, say a couple of extra prayers for me, keep me in your thoughts for the next few days, wish me luck, etc. etc. What ever it is you do I would appreciate any positive mojo I can get out there!!

    Thanx everyone,

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    Re:I forgot to tell everyone here

    Good luck man!

    What would your job be?

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    Re:I forgot to tell everyone here

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    Re:I forgot to tell everyone here

    Rock on man, Congrats!!!!! Let us know how things come out.


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    Re:I forgot to tell everyone here

    I'll add my prayers and good thoughts to those of the others. Good luck!

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    Re:I forgot to tell everyone here

    So porn star dreams are gone ?

    Come on now -- a few more tryouts and I am sure you will be working with Jenna Jamison in no time.

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