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Thread: IceWM download??

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    Re:IceWM download??

    Is there a problem with Using KDE or Gnome? Don't they fulfill your needs?

    What part of his post you did not understood?

    If you still want to try it, do this:

    Write down his post. Then go line by line.

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    Re:IceWM download??

    you can use any DE/WM of your choice. What didnt you understand in my post I tried to keep it as simple as possible so you can understand. so I will try again.

    1. go to these sites and download these three files

    2. go into you console/terminal (cli) and type in "su" (switch user) and enter the folder to where the saved rpms are.

    1a) type in "rpm -Uvh gtk2*.rpm " so GTK will ge upgraded to the latest version, once that is done delete it using "rm -f gtk2*.rpm"

    2b) install the next file using "rpm -ivh gtk-xfce*.rpm " just like in step 1a.

    3c) extract the other file containg the rest of the rpms, to extrct use the following commands "bunzip2 -d xfce*.tar.bz2" once done type in "tar -xvf xfce*.tar" and to delete it type "rm *.tar"

    3) go into the folder that you just extracted using the "cd" command. once in the last folder type in "ls" to see all the rpms.

    4) type in "rpm -ivh *.rpm" once that is done xfce4 is installed

    to delete the directory use the "cd -" command twice (2) and once you see the directory type in "rm -rf xfce*"

    5) logout and select your new sesson which would be "xfce4"

    if you still have problelms tell what they are!! so we can help

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    Re:IceWM download??

    Hi guys,

    I got an error on the first step. Here is my output.

    [dsanta@localhost dsanta]$ su
    [root@localhost dsanta]# /home/dsanta
    bash: /home/dsanta: is a directory
    [root@localhost dsanta]# rpm -Uvh gtk2*.rpm
    error: Failed dependencies:
    glib2 >= 2.2.0-1 is needed by gtk2-2.2.4-1 is needed by gtk2-2.2.4-1
    pango >= 1.2.0-1 is needed by gtk2-2.2.4-1
    [root@localhost dsanta]#

    Please reply back. Thanks guys.

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    Re:IceWM download??

    you can get pnago here
    libXrandi you can get here

    I dont know how to use src rpms mabey someone here knows how.

    also on my instructions I forgot you do have to edit 2 files (very easy) just READ the README. it was with one of the file I told you to download.

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    Re:IceWM download??

    First you telling to use xfce and something else and now you are giving something else to try. I can't do anything on how to install nothing. I'm just going to give up right now. That's it i'm not going to bother trying to make RH look like Windows.

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    Re:IceWM download??

    Hopefully not too off topic here but does RH not have a remote file install/update tool like apt-get? For someone who is having trouble installing software it seems that a Debian based distro would perform admirably in this regard.

    If you are looking to try a window manager but are still "cutting your teeth" on Linux IceWM may or may not be the best window manager. I like it because it is simple, however, in order to configure certain aspects of IceWM, you need to either edit text files or use separate applications.

    Having said all that I'm surprised that your RH 8 source does not have IceWM somewhere on it (as well as its dependencies). XFCE4 is not going to be on it though as it is pretty new.

    You can also try some other window managers that are out there (one of the most fun things about using Linux) and see which one you like best (or is easiest to install).

    Here is a good place to start:

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    Re:IceWM download??

    Red Hat does have apt this is the website its a great tool and better then RHN IMO.

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    Re:IceWM download??

    Mojo Jojo -- you are slick.. Beating me to it ;D

    Here is what you want to do :

    Grab this file here Apt4rpm

    Then do the following to get it installed :

    In Redhat you can double click on the rpm and it will install it (after tyoing in the root password). or you can goto a command box and type the following :

    su -c 'rpm -Uvh apt4rpm-0.65.2-0.noarch.rpm'

    Tell it your root password. It will install providing you have all needed dependencies installed. After it finishes, we can go and quick configure your system and get Synaptic.

    Do the following commnads (here is the howto :

    su -c 'apt-get update'
    su -c 'apt-get check'
    su -c 'apt-get install synaptic'

    After each command you will need to type your root password. I reccomend following this
    page for a guideline. It basically says the same thing as I laid out, but it has some instructions on what to do if shit doesnt work right.

    Now. You should have a KDE and a GNOME icon in your menu for synaptic. Run it. It will ask for your root password. Tell it what it wants there. You will then be presented with the categories of apps that are available. Pick what you want, click install. Any dependencies will be resolved at this time. If there are any it will tell you. Click OK to accept them. Click the proceed (or whatever its called up on top) button and wait. It will download and install everything for you.

    It took more work to describe what to do than what needs to be done ;D

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    Re:IceWM download??

    Man, I don't know. This sound harder and harder. I'm not doing nothing because i give up with this Redhat.

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    Re:IceWM download??

    it's only hard if you say it's hard, if you say it's easy it well be easy

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