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Thread: IceWM download??

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    Re:IceWM download??

    I really don't know why i bother with this. I don't have a clue on how to install anything. I'm not even going to download it. I did a real quick search around on that X website and found no readme. Of course i did not see it. So i just give up.

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    Re:IceWM download??

    its not good to give up. I am willing to help you more

    here is the Red Hat 9 rpms

    now all you do is in the console

    go to the folder where the rpms are and type
    rpm -Uvh gtk2*.rpm so gtk gets updated and then delete it
    rpm -ivh gtk-xfce*.rpm
    extract the other rpm and then go to the xfce program then once in the folder with all the rpms type
    rpm -ivh *.rpm
    logout and login with xfce

    see simple ;D

    also don't forget that you learn through your mistakes

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    Re:IceWM download??

    Not that simple.

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    Re:IceWM download??

    ??? ??? ??? ??? explain

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    Re:IceWM download??

    Hi Derek,

    IceWM and other windows managers like it are minimalistic windows managers. That means that they are very simple on the things they have.

    You can make any windows manager look like XP (if that is what you want...) However, that won't change any of the things they do or how they work.

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    Re:IceWM download??

    [quote author=dsantamassino link=board=2;threadid=7811;start=0#msg71351 date=1064534790]
    Not that simple.
    He just gave you exact intructions on how to do it...

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    Re:IceWM download??

    [quote author=dsantamassino link=board=6;threadid=7811;start=0#msg71333 date=1064528171]
    I think this is the place to talk about this.

    I want to download IceWM and it runs under Linux but looks like Windows. I tryed to do a google search on IceWm download and i get a whole bunch of info and i don't know which one is the right one to download. I will give you the website.

    and here are the instructions to install it.

    If i have any problems. Will you guys help me by the installation?? First i'm going to try it after i download it. Please reply back. Thanks guys.
    Hi derek,

    that was a good try. You might want to try a few different searches in the future. On Google, when typing "IceWM" (without the "download&quot, the first link that comes back is the homepage for icewm.

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    Re:IceWM download??

    trickster. The command did not work for me on the website that i gave you guys. Here is my output.

    [dsanta@localhost dsanta]$ apt-get install icewm
    bash: apt-get: command not found
    [dsanta@localhost dsanta]$

    Please reply back. Thanks trickster.

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    Re:IceWM download??

    Apt-get is a Debian command. Thus, you can't use it, since you are not using Debian.

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    Re:IceWM download??

    Then what can i use?? I don't understand those instructions that mojo jojo post. It's way to hard for me and it's beyond me. I'm slow and i can't keep up with the instructions. Please reply back. Thanks.

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