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Thread: RedHat 9 Upgrade question

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    RedHat 9 Upgrade question

    Hey everyone,

    I upgraded through RHN, I wanted to make sure that my SSH was ok. Anyway when I just logged into my system from home I had a ROOT email waiting for me that said that SSH had been killed 2 times and started 2 times. and then these lines:
    **Unmatched Entries**
    sshd -TERM succeeded
    sshd -TERM succeeded
    Should I have seen this as part of the normal upgrade or should I be worried?

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    Re:RedHat 9 Upgrade question

    see the important message - smack in the middle

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    Re:RedHat 9 Upgrade question

    Ok I did that before I upgraded and the install of the new up2date package went ok. But that was talking about SSL certificates... I'm talking about upgrading SSH (and a couple of other packages) and some warnings that were apparently in my logs while/after I was upgrading.

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    Re:RedHat 9 Upgrade question

    I got some similar, though not exactly equal, messages after applying some up2date patches.

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    Re:RedHat 9 Upgrade question

    i know i upgraded those packages manually (seems like I needed to), anyway - did you restart ssh after you instllaed?

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