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Some Problems With SSH and SUSE 9.1 Pro
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Thread: Some Problems With SSH and SUSE 9.1 Pro

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    Some Problems With SSH and SUSE 9.1 Pro

    I am currently running SUSE 9.1 Pro (until I get my friggin copy of UBUNTU), but I am having one teeny weeny problem with SSH and remote administration with X. Here is the problem and scenario. I have a computer running as a fileserver that runs Fedora Core 1 and runs no X whatsoever. Now, I want to change some settings with regards to SAMBA, so from my machine (not the fileserver), I type in the following:

    Then it connects, then I type this:
    It loads, but it then says this:
    blablabla needs an X server to run.

    Now here is the weird thing, when I use any other distro, i can do what I wrote above, and it uses the X server on my machine to get the redhat-config-samba displayed. Is there something I can do so that I can run X programs from my SUSE machine off of my fileserver?
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    use ssh -X, not just 'ssh', you also may have to configure the redhat box to allow X11 Forwarding, but IIRC redhat does by default.

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