this more or less isnt a complaint that something isnt working, rather telling others how something does work. while installing gentoo, i thought to myself, if i chroot'ed into my slackware partition, would i be able to play around with X, the answer is YES.
so if anyone is installing a linux, you can use this little trick to still be able to chat and stuff, keep in mind you will be root.
mkdir /mnt/tmp
mount /dev/hd** /mnt/tmp
chroot /mnt/tmp /bin/bash
source /etc/profile
then startx. i dont know a way to make to so your not root, i tried login then logged in as my user but that didnt work, i did not try su *user* though. well i thought this might be of use to someone else other than me. makes those pesky installs where you are just waiting out one thing go by faster.
ok now, to get in as your user, for your custom X and everything you do this. before source /etc/profile su <user> then do source /etc/profile
it still detects you as root, because you are root from the other root partition. chroot doesnt work with a user so you are stuck as root. but your files and stuff are there.