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Thread: Win users moving to Linux

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    Win users moving to Linux

    I don't know about the areas around everybody, but here locally I've had a lot of Win users wanting to try the move to Linux, and loving it! Ever since M$ ended their FREE support for Win98, a lot of customers have taken the answer of switching to Linux over Upgrading their system, and using XP, or buying a copy of ME or 2000. How M$ figured they would make $$ off their payment-only 95/98 support, I will always be curious what was going through their minds. One client even told their boss, and looks like I'm converting an entire company here soon. Once again, I must thank M$ for all their ignorant decisions, and greedy efforts to make a simple buck.

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    Re:Win users moving to Linux

    My friends are all to addicted to games. They refuse to even give it a go. I'm quite dissapointed really, I use it every day and they see how easy it is, but they just are stuck in the M$ mould like the rest of society

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