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Cedega for Free
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Thread: Cedega for Free

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    Cedega for Free

    Been a while since there was any worth while news on the linux gaming scene, so I dug this up. If you have been interested in trying out the commercial version of wine dedicatd to gaming known as cedega, now is your chance. TransGaming is now offering a time-limited full-featured demo get it while it lasts from here http://www.transgaming.com/cedegademo.php

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    if only I had a need.....

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    Yeah, I am still giddy and excited that I can play Unreal Tournament 2004 on my Linux box. I benchmarked it against the Windows XP PRo and I found that the Linux version runs about 5-6 frames faster per second. Not a lot, but noticeable if you are only getting 45fps
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    I used to run Cadega [WineX] but the performace hit is too extreme with my machine. I can barely run most games under Windows. I had a subscription for 2 years but as the games got more complex I could really start to see and feel the hit.
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