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Thread: Receiving Unrequested Email

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    Re:Receiving Unrequested Email

    I'm reading now.

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    Re:Receiving Unrequested Email

    Most likely i'm going to reinstall the OS.

    In this situation, you can do one of the following:

    * Re-install the operating system. This is the easiest solution in most cases.
    * Edit the .reg files from DOS (Windows 95/98[me=dsantamassino]only). This is extremely complex and should only be attempted by individuals with an expert knowledge level DOS. You may want to obtain the services of a computer consultant if you decide to use this method.[/me]

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    Re:Receiving Unrequested Email

    That article describes something that causes the same problems you are having, and how to fix it, though is quite radical.

    If you end up reinstalling, keep in mind that the FIRST thing to do is install the Antivirus and run LiveUpdate 4 times. If the antivirus is not updated, is of no use. Also, schedule it to look for updates each week.

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    Re:Receiving Unrequested Email

    I know. It's the same problems. I exacly changed my e-mail address. I was getting attachments. After i reinstall. Should i try to install Norton Systemworks??

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    Re:Receiving Unrequested Email

    Yes. Reinstall, install Systemworks, and then run LiveUpdate 4 times or more.

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    Re:Receiving Unrequested Email

    ok. I did a few things. I reinstall Windows. I installed Norton SystemWorks. I did Live Update and after twice there was no more updates but i tryed 2 more times. I cleaned up my system with Norton and i optimize my system. What is my next step or is the worm gone?? Please reply back. Thanks.

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    Re:Receiving Unrequested Email

    Did you formatted the partition as part of the instalaltion?
    If you did, it should be gone.

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    Re:Receiving Unrequested Email

    cool it's gone. I format it. Well it's going to be some RH time and have fun. If you want you could join me and help me after i install it. Thanks.

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