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Thread: mozilla and it's history

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    mozilla and it's history

    I have a really odd problem with mozilla 1.4. I just can't figer it out. My History and cache seem to be cleared out each day. I have mozilla set so that it clears the history every 9 days and the cache to hold no more than 50 MB. These are the default values.
    I am the only one who uses my computer. I live in a house with people who don't know a thing about computers. I also have a good password set on all accounts none under 12 chars and they all use a mixture of upper and lower case, special chars and numbers and never revealed them to anyone. Anyway, Today I was on my computer all day and I notice that yesterday history and cache have now been cleared! I don't have this problem when logged in as root.
    Any thought?

    Regards Darren

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    Re:mozilla and it's history

    Moz is usually really simple to correct. Copy out your favorites from the .mozilla folder. Then vape .mozilla folder. Rerun moz and copy in or import your old favorites. That should do it. If it is a global (all users on the system) issue, try removing and reinstalling the rpm/deb/slackpak.

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    Re:mozilla and it's history

    I'll do that -thanks for the help

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