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Thread: Hardware Lists -- read on please ...

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    Hardware Lists -- read on please ...

    I am curious if a list of users that are running more current hardware could post their specs, and detail what was needed for whatever distro to make the part work.

    Like something as follows :

    OS : Fedora Core 1
    Install notes : None

    CPU : Athlon XP 3000+
    Install notes : None

    Motherboard chipset: nForce 2
    Install notes : Install drivers from

    Sound Card : Creative Labs Sound Blaster 512 PCI
    Installation notes : Kernel module that is included works fine

    NIC : Linksys 10/100 (forget exact one offhand)
    Installation notes : Kernel module included works fine

    VGA : nVIDIA GeFOrce FX 5700 Ultra
    Installation notes : Install rpm from
    (2.6 Kernel)
    (2.4 Kernel)

    Addon Card : Maxtor USB 2.0
    Installation notes : kernel module included works fine

    Joystick : USB Gravis Eliminator Aftershock
    Installation notes : You need to ensure that the proper modules are installed. as root insmod them and then run joycal. I made a script to automatically do this at boot (I dont have the details handy, this was for a demo purpose rather than the nitty gritty)

    I figure if we can create a HCL, that may make it easier for users who upgrade to get a working system without needing to spend 2 hours on google ;D

    I honestly woruld prefer a HCL database rather than a crappy thread, but eh, Ill take what I can get.

    Any other thoughts? I would prefer a maintainer to be appointed/volunteer to handle this as pbharris did the apt thread and whoever (trickster/pbharris) did the nifty software thread as well. That way nobody can dick it up with meaningless jabber and so on.

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    Re:Hardware Lists -- read on please ...

    Isn't there a Fedora project for HCL creation ?

    None here indicates that it worked out of the box without extra installing or settings.

    OS: Fedora Core 1 (+ Nyquist GNOME rpms)
    Install notes: None

    CPU: Athlon XP 1600+
    Install notes: None

    Motherboard chipset: Via266
    Install notes : None

    Sound Card : Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! 5.1
    Installation notes : None

    NIC : SureTek (Realtek 8139 based)
    Installation notes : None

    VGA : nVIDIA GeForce 4280
    Installation notes : None - using the NV driver from XFree

    Additional devices: Archos MP3 Player
    Installation notes: None (standard isd200 based device, just requires mounting)

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