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Thread: Ports in OS X?

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    Ports in OS X?

    Hey, seeing as OS X is based off of BSD *nix, is is possible to use ports on a Mac? Do you have to run X Windows? Are the fonts in the web browsers still ugly ? I have been wondering about this stuff for the last little while . . . any thoughts/experiences?

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    Re:Ports in OS X?

    Ports, yes. Check out Darwin-Ports, NetBSD's Pkg-src, or FINK. You don't have to run X Windows, but you at least need the X11 binaries to run X apps.

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    Re:Ports in OS X?

    Cool. I was just wondering about that. I don't own an Apple computer but was curious as to whether OS X was compatable with BSD ports. That may actually make it worthwhile to go Apple as you can use the 9000+ ports as well as software titles that are only shipped for Microsoft or Apple OSes.

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    Re:Ports in OS X?

    I have a PowerBook G4. I don't use ports, I use apt-get, but still is great and works like a charm. I was using KDE on top of OSX earlier today and using GIMP.

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    Re:Ports in OS X?

    Wow. I did not realize that apt-get was an option on Apple comps. Thanks for sharing.

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