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Thread: Any recommendations?

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    Any recommendations?

    I'm looking for Opensysten that can allow me web-based knowledge management. Something that will allow me to do the following:
    Let's say there was a problem that had happened with servers, I would like to be able to open the 'web page' that allows me to see how problems happened, what was done to rectify it, I should be able to track the progress of problem resolution and progress, etc.....
    Any ideas (please)?

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    Re:Any recommendations?

    I'm looking for something similar. At the moment we use a combination of tutos (a groupware with integrated bugtracking system) and a normal BBS (phpBB). But actually I'm more than unhappy with this. I guess with some work tutos can be adapted for such a task but we don't have the manpower to do it atm.

    Maybe you can check it out anyway. It's got doc management and everything you need. Only I find it rather unintuitive and it has some rough edges still which probably is the reason that many users on our site don't really use it. :-\

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    Re:Any recommendations?

    Just in might wanna take a look at netoffice app that I use for project management, it is web-base, very good, no bugs at all, it just doesn't allow knowledge tracking......

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