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Thread: help with new virus??

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    help with new virus??

    I need some help really fast with this new virus. Norton has detected a virus on my system in the following.


    What should i do?? I get a message and it won't let me close the message. Please reply back. Thanks and hopefully someone could help me really fast.

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    Re:help with new virus??

    Go to , and type C:\WINDOWS\System32\wins\DLLHOST.EXE. It will bring up a bunch of websites that tell you how to get rid of it. It is the Blaster worm.

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    Re:help with new virus??

    ok before you even reply to my post. I tryed to do something on my own and i went format C: i thought that would of took care of my virus or part of it and now Windows XP won't boot. Without uninstalling RH 8 and without over ride my MBR. Is there a way that i could set up a Windows partition and install XP on that partition without anything happening to RH?? Oh i think i download the right patch but i don't have any burning programs on RH. Please reply back. Thanks.

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    Re:help with new virus??

    You can reinstall Windows, without it touching Red Hat. However, there is no way to prevent it from overriding the MBR. However, that is no big deal, since it is not hard to reinstall the linux boot loader.

    There is a PET on doing it here .

    Good Luck.

    BTW, this is the link for the patch for the Blaster worm, for Windows XP :here. It won't prevent you from getting infected, but it will prevent that particular exploit in Windows.

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    Re:help with new virus??

    Next time Norton shows a potential virus, it should have a link to the page on how to fix the problem if it doesn't fix it itself. If you have a file that can't be deleted, just restart in DOS or Safe Mode to delete the file manually instead of formatting the drive.

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