ok.. my openion on the issue:
1) Remember something important, this forum -and most other forums- is not a 'free' customer support service. The people here help each other, because they can do it, and it is fun.
2) Try before you Buy.. err ..I mean before you Post. Show people that you did some effort. Google is your friend. Posting your attempts in your post with your problem will increase its chance of being answered.
4) Try to be specific and clear describing your problem.
4) Don't be pushy: ask your question nicely and wait some time. don't expect quick answer.
5) In the meantime do some extra research and attempts on solving your problem. Update your post to reflect your progress. people will be more intrested in joining a life disscussion, even if all the posts were yours.
5) Please read this throughly:
How To Ask Questions The Smart Way http://www.catb.org/%7Eesr/faqs/smart-questions.html
6) don't append every post with 'Please reply back'. I pactually pushes people away from you.. being pushy.
about trickster, he helped me before and I know he is a good guy, and doen't have anything against anyone.. try to make him in your side.
and importantly.. remember.. that knoweledge is power.. and it is the goal of everybody.. I had few unanswered posts.. but that doesn't make feel 'unappreciated'.

good luck

7) Lovechild: I think you mean phrase :-) making such a 'big' mistake', will not help getting your post answered :-)