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Thread: you guys don't appreciate me.

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    you guys don't appreciate me.

    This might be my last post on this forum. So i just let you guys know just in case you don't hear from me in a while because you guys and no one on any forums they don't appreicate me. So i thought i let trickster and everyone else to know. If you guys want you could move this post. I will start posting here only if you guys appreciate me and that's it. Well thanks guys. You could move the post now if you want too.

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    Re:you guys don't appreciate me.

    I'm not sure what's going on here, but I've not seen any problems from you at all. If there is someone who is giving you trouble, take it with a grain of salt. You just left a forum for this one. Why bother looking for another? You are just fine here.

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    Re:you guys don't appreciate me.


    I am sorry to hear you are thinking about leaving. No one is asking you to leave.

    However, I stand by what I said. I am willing to help you if you put a bit of effort.
    You need to be more mature. If someone tells you something you don't like, suck it up. This is not a lesson for linux. This is a lesson for life. I'm 25 and I don't have children. I am not about to start babysitting you.

    Again, if you want to learn, I, and the rest of LJR, are willing to help. But you need to learn to put some effort. Life is though. You won't have someone there all your life to hold your hand.

    If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

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    Re:you guys don't appreciate me.

    I'm sorry for the comment in the no modem forum and that got the topic locked. If i made another post i don't think trickster would help me again. demian is the one who gave me problems. He came off with an attitude with me in e-mail. Kernel_Killer you don't have problem with or do you?? Do you trickster?? Please reply back.

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    Re:you guys don't appreciate me.

    I read what Demian wrote, and he was neither hostile, nor used name calling. He said he did not wanted to help you, why he did not wanted to help you, and what you could do about it.

    Would I help you again? Sure. Just let me know what you have done, before asking me for help. I do not mind. I am not an ogre. But please, don't ask me to search the internet for a manual on how to do something or other, when you can do that yourself. At least let me think you have tried.

    And guys, please lets keep the gossip to a minimum. We are all more mature then to use he said-she said's.


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    Re:you guys don't appreciate me.

    ok trickster i'm ready for your help but before we start. I have a question for you. Where is the ignore list at?? That will keep me out of trouble. I have nothing else to say about that it's done. Please reply back. I'm going to look for it but i don't think i will find it.

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    Re:you guys don't appreciate me.

    There is no ignore list.

    I'd say if you have a problem with a forum member, take it to private messages. If you want moderator intervention, feel free to use the Report To Moderator button. I think all the LJR mods are pretty objective.

    Also, keep in mind that emotional outbursts do not tend to be good net-etiquette. Name callings are no-no's too.

    If you need help on anything, feel free to create a post on the Tech support forum. I may not be available a lot this coming week, but we have hundreds of members at LJR willing to help. Just make sure you put some effort on doing things, before asking for help. That kind of rewards the person offering help, letting him/her know that him/her is not wasting his time.


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    Re:you guys don't appreciate me.

    I just saw the post, and I can see the problem. There are several people that come in here to ask a question in hopes that someone can help. If someone knows the answer, or has some ideas, they will post them in hopes to helping you. I know all of it is streesful, but keep in mind that these people are trying to help you. Try to focus on the problem, and if you find something offensive, try to ignore it.

    I don't think sending private messages is a good idea at all. That can only make the situation worse. Just leave it behind you, work on your problem, and forget it happened.

    There have been several times where I would have to Google for long times to get what I was looking for. Just have a little more patience when looking.

    I most certainly don't have a problem with you at all. You are trying to use Linux, and I'm trying to help where ever I can. ;D

    I'm 25 and I don't have children. I am not about to start babysitting you.
    That wasn't very nice.

    Trickster is right on the point of putting in effort. Try to figure out as much as possible, and when you are stuck, update your post, and let people know where you stand in your current problem. You learn from your experiences, and they help you understand your future linux issues.

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    Re:you guys don't appreciate me.

    I'm 25 and I don't have children. I am not about to start babysitting you.
    That wasn't very nice.

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    Re:you guys don't appreciate me.

    let's see - how to frase this in a way that's understandable..

    I've always answered your questions on math and whatever -- and I don't appreicate you??

    What kind of crack did you smoke?

    > >

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