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    In a moment of curiosity I typed in the URL for just to see how things were going there. I guess most of you already know that it is now One thing that struck me was how few of the old crowd seemed to be still posting on Just Linux. Is this actually the case though? Do any of you guys visit Just Linux or are you Linux Juniors all the way. Just curious.

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    What's Linuxnewbie? :P

    Yeah I stop by once in a while, to check the NHFs. But rarely. I like LJR more.

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    I don't visit it as much anymore either...every now & then I may stop by to read some post. I hang out here more! ;D

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    I haven't been there in years. I left when things started getting hairy between Sensei and

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    i dont sign on there much, i just use them like a cheap whore, i do a search and them i'm outta there

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    i became a mod there for a short period. then i had one of the mods go off on me for some advice. i left and i rarely go back. JL/LNO is dying and alot of it has to do with some very stupid changes they have made, banning users for criticising them, and moderators that are too strict with the rules and completely unable to listen to users requests and "demands". All i did when i modded was move a few topics to more appropriate forums or suggest/edit questions to be more along the lines of what was being asked.

    as far as i am concerned when started caring was the end of JL/LNO. they never have known how to handle it. too bad really LNO was a good forum that needed a bit more moderation now and then.

    i tried the linuxquestions thing for a few days but got sick of that quick when a few new mwmbers chose to come into the newly created arch linux section and try and talk like they new thye distro only to criticize it in the end. linuxquestions thinks they have the formula but their board is about stats and image more than anything.

    i don't frequent this forum a whole lot because it is just not very busy (unfortunately), but it is without a doubt the only forum that ANYONE can feel at home. No one here thinks they are more than they are. I especially like the idea that not one of the moderators here profess or act like gurus. they seem to be just like everyone else. the moderation at this forum is also just right....not over modded not under modded.

    hell i came back three times already i wouldn't even think of going back to LQ or JL.

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    linuxquestions they have some very nice tools, they don't have PETs or NHF type things that i have seen (well - answers, but there are very few) and there is no place like playground...

    i hope mdwatts is doing well.

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    I think I have an account on both JL and LQ - but I don't think I ever logged on to either one.

    I haven't been back to LNO since Sensei got canned.

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    [quote author=sarah31 link=board=13;threadid=7789;start=0#msg71217 date=1064352212]
    i don't frequent this forum a whole lot because it is just not very busy (unfortunately), but it is without a doubt the only forum that ANYONE can feel at home.

    I think that sums up LJ very well.

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    LJR kicks @$$ ;D JL is an ok site but that mdwatts guy 30,000+ posts thats a lot but atleast their search button works ;D

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