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Thread: Wireless Linux?

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    Wireless Linux?

    Ok well my dad has a computer that he needs to get online and it has RedHat 7.3 on it and we are lookin for a wireless card for it since we just got a 802.11g basestation and have 2 comps up(both Mac OSX) but I am unsure of how well RedHat 7.3 would do with wireless cards. Anyone got any idea's for a good one?

    Oh and we have to keep it on 7.3. I don't really want to get into that because hopefully that won't matter to much. I am hoping for an 802.11g or maybe b() PCI card that will work easily enough and not take days to set up for a new linux user. Thanx

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    Re:Wireless Linux?

    Well, you needing to keep RH 7.3 might matter in so much that it probably won't recognize anything on it's own and you will have to get a recent kernel and compile it yourself because by the time RH 7.3 was released I don't think 802.11g was available. If that's ok with you you're good to go.

    802.11b devices are rather well supported and support for the faster cards is coming along nicely as well. HP sponsors a project to get wireless support for linux. Here's a page that has good links on what works and how to get it to work.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re:Wireless Linux?


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