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Thread: Amateur Radio

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    Amateur Radio

    I asked this about two years ago. But we have a lot of new people out there. So do we have any HAMs out there? Or am I the only one?

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    Re:Amateur Radio

    I really want to. I just need to get my license. Radio is fun. Can do lots of fun stuff with a ham license.

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    Re:Amateur Radio

    Go for it Schooty. I am just a Tech but I want to take Element 1a for code.

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    Re:Amateur Radio

    I was going to take a 6 and a half (after school) HAM class but the schedule was all screwed and too many problems :-X :-[ I'll probably get my Tech license this year (if I don't drop it)... HAM radio is cool but I've been so centered around programming lately...

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    Re:Amateur Radio

    Well it took me under 10 years to actually get around and pass the test and get my lic. I was SO happy to get my lic. One of my big accomplishment right next to getting my driver's lic.

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    Re:Amateur Radio

    I collect old radios- vacuum tube jobers. Many of them pickup shortwave, so I often fire up one and just listen to stuff. Its really very cool. Kind of helps keep me informed as to what is really going on in the world, as oppossed to the stand US "party line".

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