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    After hearing the bad news about your wife I remembered a study I read about last year involving bee venom as treatment for multiple sclerosis.
    It turns out the treatment is fairly wellknown so you probably already know about it - but just incase I figured I would share a few links:

    I'm sharing this because I was seeking alternative treatment for my aunt's ALS (which is similar to MS in some regards) - but as many of you know both I and the established medical field failed her, and she died little over a year ago. Never the less I think sharing the information I did find should come to good use.

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    About 15 years ago, when my wife was in a full exacerbtion, she was walking (badly) with crutches; I was rototilling my garden (it was springtime), and she had come out of the house to enjoy a nice day. She was watching me work, and I noticed that she was shooing away what appeared to be flies; they weren't flies, they were hornets and they attacked her. She got stung 20+ times, but within a week, she was no longer walking with crutches, and her Neurologist was amazed. Every year, she arranges to get stung 3 or 4 times; it seems to work, she's never had a major exacerbation sice.

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    has she ever tried coral calcium?

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    [quote author=burntash link=board=21;threadid=7700;start=0#msg70437 date=1063138002]
    has she ever tried coral calcium?
    [/quote]Yes; it seems to help her co-ordination; she uses it regularly. But she STILL swears by the bees.


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